Service descriptor

Each service managed by Forge includes key metadata about the service in the service.yaml file. This is known as the service descriptor.

The service.yaml contains information about:

  • Values that are instantiated into Kubernetes manifests
  • Dependencies
  • Information about profiles, a way to apply different values into your Kubernetes manifests depending on your target context (e.g., QA, production, development)
  • Information on how to map specific Git branch policies to a given profile

Below is an example service.yaml:

{% set sanitized_branch = (branch or "dev").replace('/', '-') %}

name: python-api
namespace: datawire

    endpoint: /python-api
    max_memory: 0.1G
    max_cpu: 0.1
    endpoint: /python-api
    weight: 50 # percentage of traffic to route to this class of deployment
    max_memory: 0.1G
    max_cpu: 0.1
    endpoint: //python-api
    max_memory: 0.1G
    max_cpu: 0.1

  master: stable
  dev/*: default

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