Service configuration.

namestring The name of the service.
requires(sequence[string]|string) A list of any services require for this service to function
containerssequence[(string|container)] A list of containers that form this service. If this is not supplied then any Dockerfile is assumed.
profilesmap[map[any]] A mapping from profile name to profile-specific values.
branchesmap[string] A mapping from branch pattern to profile name.
configany Arbitrary application defined configuration parameters for a service.
istio(boolean|istio) Run istioctl kube-inject with the specified settings before applying yaml.


Defines and describes the build inputs for a container.

dockerfilestring The path to the dockerfile.
namestring The name to use for the container.
contextstring The build context.
argsmap[string] Build arguments.
builder('docker'|'imagebuilder') The docker image builder to be used: `docker` for `docker build`, `imagebuilder` for `openshift/imagebuilder`.


Rebuild metadata for containers. When you specify the appropriate rebuild properties, forge will use these to perform fast incremental container builds.

rootstring The root path where sources live inside the container. All files and directories listed in the sources array are copied to this location prior to executing a build.
commandstring The command that is executed inside the container in order to perform a build.
sourcessequence[string] An array of files or directories that will be copied into the container prior to performing a build.


Configures how istioctl kube-inject is called before applying yaml.

enabledboolean If true run istioctl kube-inject before applying yaml.
includeIPRangessequence[string] Comma separated list of IP ranges in CIDR form passed to istioctl kube-inject.

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