• Fast Get a service from source to running in Kubernetes in seconds
  • Create services quickly Use service templates to create new services, or define your own templates.
  • Build runnable services, not just binaries Don't leave it to operations to figure out how to run a service. Forge builds a fully deployable service, with all the deployment metadata needed to run.
  • Works with any language or build system Forge works with your existing build system, and integrates the deployment metadata needed to create a runnable service

How it works:
Forge builds services based on Docker and Kubernetes. With Forge, a user specifies the deployment configuration for a service in a YAML file. Forge uses this metadata along with the source code to build a Docker image and the necessary Kubernetes deployment data to create a runnable service. For more information, see how Forge works.

Get started in a few minutes:
  1. Install Forge.
  2. forge setup
  3. git clone https://github.com/datawire/hello-forge.git
  4. forge deploy

Forge is sponsored by Project Blackbird, helping you deploy microservices on Kubernetes in AWS